Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven Years War Volley and Bayonet

I'm never afraid to say that Frank Chadwick's 'Volley and Bayonet' rules are my all time favourite 'gaming rules, so when good friend Adrian suggested that we needed to push some of his 15mm metal around the table in a 7 Years War game I could hardly say no.

His figures are 15mm Essex, beautifully painted as always. The game saw Prussians assaulting defending Russians, trying to capture a series of bridges sitting on the table edge. The scenario was originally a napoleonic battle, adapted for 7YW. This is not so much a photo after action report as an excuse to show off some of Adrian's fantastic figures. Enjoy the photos. We had an exciting game, with the Prussians finally winning the day.

While I'm not giving a blow by blow account, this was one of those photographic moments in the battle. Prussian Cuirassier attack Russian infantry that are disordered, giving the cavalry 'shock' i.e. they hit on 5's and 6's. What did I throw? You guessed it: 4 dice and 4 ones. We still managed to win the fight though.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three projects ahead...

Yep, ok.. I'm really no different from any other 'gamer out there: my brain is at least 3 projects ahead of my painting plan, dreaming about another project.

On the books for quite some time has been a Victorian Science Fiction army for my HotT collection, and the British riflemen have sat undercoated for at least 6 months awaiting my dexterous touch. I have been pondering a behemoth, and have even posted quite some time ago on what I might use. At the recent Conquest tournament I spotted a group of guys playing 'Warmachine', and amongst their 'kit' were steam powered robots... well, what more could I say!!

(The photo is courtesy of the Privateer Press website.)

This goes against my basic HotT philosophy" fantasy 'gaming doesn't need to be hugely expensive. I've mostly tried to create armies from relatively cheap materials. But it's pretty cool.... and there is quite a collectoin of possibilities out there.

This might well be that Behemoth I have been considering... sigh.. too many choices, too many projects.

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