Saturday, October 5, 2013

Boom Bang

I bought a box of Emhar Infantry and 18 pounders quite a few years ago, primarily to provide me with some helmet-clad later war British infantry.

In the pack were two 18 pounder field guns which have sat unassembled for a number of years as I had six of those delightful Airfix Royal Horse Artillery guns. Again, the box had to go, so that meant assembling and painting the guns.

Here is a photo of those Airfix 18 pounders that Keith McNelley took of a game we played many years ago (the AAR 'Crisis in the Balkans' first appeared on his site 'The Wargames Room)

And now some 'rumbly' stuff

Still digging through the boxes of unmade/unpainted kits and figures in the games room, I have to assure Lorraine that I am actually making progress on the pack up and clear out prior to our demolition. Every one of these unmade kits, or unpainted boxes of figures, that I assemble or paint is one fewer box to be packed away somewhere else.. honest, darling.

I think I bought this Emhar Mk IV Male tank way back when they were first released.

It is a reasonably nice kit with a couple of flaws, not the least of which is the unditching rails that are apparently manufactured to sit on the vehicle the wrong way around (the angle iron on the wrong side).

And if you want to see how one of these could look under the hands of someone more competent than me, take a look here. This guy 'ditches' the ditching rails provided in the kit and makes his own.

The nice thing for me is that the tracks actually fitted reasonably well. I hate the old school track assembly stuff, they all too often didn't fit, and wouldn't stretch.  That has been one reason for my preference for the current generation of 'fast build' kits. These however were fine, and just required that little bit of patience to allow glue to dry as they were shaped around the hull.

I chose to hand paint all of the markings.. when you look at historical photos, it always looks to me as if the markings and names had been painted/slapped on by the crews with a 4" brush.

Here's a photo of my latest effort alongside that of good friend Andy Gorman. His is the one at the rear, a better job than mine, bit they look fine together.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Austrian and Russian command and support stands

Some of those stands you always put off when you embark on a project: command and support. The first are two FAO stands for the Austrians.

A divisional command stand for the Austro Hungarians as well. These figures all come from the HaT AH Support Weapons box.

The Russians needed a second divisional command stand, and a Corps command stand.

I decided to use the higher echelon uniform colours: green tunic, and blue trousers. Why? It might be appropriate, and I was getting bored painting khaki.

The Corps command stand

The second divisional command stand

I also needed to provide a little more support for later war games (although the availability of trench mortars for the Russians was severely limited despite the theoretical TOEs). All of the Russian figures here came from the HaT Russian support weapons box.

The common thread here is still 'finishing' existing projects. The figures for these stands have sat in boxes for quite some time. There's more on the painting table as I type.

Why the flurry of activity? Several reasons really. It's term break. I'm injured (having pinched a femoral nerve) and so unable to train for dancing. Both of these mean that I have more time right now. Finally, with the impending demolition of house and games room prior to rebuild, I'm sorting, and where there are boxes of figures or vehicles that I could paint in order to get rid of the boxes, that's what I'm trying to do.

It also means that I end up buying  more figures as I realise I just need a few more of these or one more of those, but.. well, you know how it is.

Balkan Wars matrix game

For those who don't follow Bob Cordery's 'gaming Blog Wargaming Miscellany, his latest post on a matrix game he designed some years ago is interesting, and something of a tease. The game was focusses on the 1912/13 Balkan Wars.

Just enough here to tease you. Of course the Great War Spearhead rules include a brief series of suggestions on changing a few simple mechanisms to allow for pl;y of battles from this war... now that really IS a tease!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

That's progress... 20mm Russians for 1914

Marking a small milestone here, with the last of the fighting stands completed for the Russian 1914 Division. There were 16 fighting stands missing, as I'd mistakenly read the OOB at 4 regiments of 3 battalions instead of 4 regiments of 4 battalions (it evolved into the former, but later in the war). So over this past week I set to and painted the remaining figures that I had in storage.

Mind you the Attack list I have devised for the Russians uses two understrength divisions as the basis for an understrength Corps. so there are enough fighting stands here for both understrength divisions. However I'm still well short of the support stands, MMGs in particular in this early stage of the war (this is Gumbinnen/Tannenberg stuff).

The 16 additional fighting stands completed

The division with artillery, and cavalry (the cavalry here represent more than just the few squadrons of divisional cavalry though)
Back now to the Austro-Hungarians to complete that division. The AH boys will no doubt fight alongside their German allies on the table top. I'm still using up figures bought some time ago, but will need to buy a few more infantry, and some guns, courtesy of Hat. I have also ordered some Irregular AH cavalry .. these should make a nice colourful addition on the table top.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Camopedia... the camouflage encyclopedia

Discovered this web site while looking for guidance on the uniform colours for my 1980 French and West German infantry:

Some great information.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Gas at Ypres 1915

I was browsing, and rediscovered a photo after action report I'd written a few years ago of a fictional 1915 scenario, with German attackers using gas to try to break the British lines.

The AAR can be found here.

I'd also posted the scenario for others to try, and with Great War Spearhead II out, this might be a great excuse for giving the scenario a try.


The scenario itself can be found here.

Landships II web site

I hadn't been paying attention, and missed the fact that the fantastic WW1 reference web site Landships had nearly been lost. However I managed to find the replacement site Landships II.


So much great information. Thanks to the team that managed to resurrect the site and work hard to maintain it.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

1914 Russian infantry...

With the last of the remaining box of Austro-Hungarians finished, now it's a return to the Russians.

These are the first 5 stands of the remaining three sprues. One complete regiment of the division is painted with the Russo-Japanese War white/green .... but the remainder are being painted in varying hues of khaki.

Messing around with pre game bombardments in Great War Spearhead

While the 1917/1918 WW1 western front painting project isn't finished yet (work and life tend to fill most waking hours at the moment), ...