Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A 'Tsarist tank' inspired behemoth ..

Work has been a bit frantic of late, and there has been little time (or energy) for painting, modelling, and generally creating. The little time I've had has been spent on a few games.

Determination to change this drew my attention to a ribbon reel that I'd picked up several months ago, inspired by that wonderful Tsarist tank image.

Image result for tsarist tank

I finally managed to complete this ....

A behemoth for the Weird World War 1 British army for Hordes of the Things (HotT).

Gas missile projectors.. the noses of the missiles coloured yellow in the best British ordnance tradition.

I find this 'creating' to be a bit of fun, although often it takes a few conversations with others, seeking inspiration from their own ideas, or maybe the odd 'spare bit' from their spares boxes to supplement my own.

In this case, the 'steering wheels' came courtesy of Andy. The other bits come courtesy of some Games Workshop sprues.. not sure I can recall exactly what they were.

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