Sunday, July 5, 2020

Kings of War v3.0 .. a first game.

No creative narratives here.. this was a 1500 point Kings of War game that Andy and I fought last night. We used 1500 points each, playing a loot based scenario. I used my Empires of Dust army, Andy his Kingdoms of Men army.

The armies face off... KoM on the left, Empire of Dust on the right

Andy's right flank Knights, supported by a regiment of archers

Reanimated behemoth in the EoD ;lines, a Desert Swarm regiment on the left
EoD spear horde held the centre, a regiment of Mummies on the right

The humans approach the EoD right held by a regiment of spear, and a regiment of Enslaved Guardians. The knights are making their way though the difficult terrain (lava flows)

Table top view as the knights approach the EoD right flank

Meanwhile on the left, the knights move around the woods. An EoD Warrior regiment supported by a second reanimated behemoth move to protect the army flank. A swarm regiment advances towards the archers

The knights charge in against the EoD right - an impeded charge

The spear regiment holds, allowing the enslaved guardians to swing onto the knights' flank

The EoD manage to get the reanimated behemoth ahead of the warriors to take the brunt of the charge which they know is coming

The threat against the EoD right is removed with the elimination of the attacking knight regiment

Now the EoD right moves to attack the supporting archers

The knights charge in against the EoD left flank

Meanwhile the enslaved guardians and a spear regiment attack the archers on the right.. again an impeded charge for the EoD units, charging through the lava flows

The centres clash - the spear horde take on a regiment of foot guard and a regiment of pike. Already lost to the humans has been a unit of foot guard on the right of the photo.. the reanimated behemoth has already advanced

The Swarm attack the archers - the aim is to keep the archers out of the action

The left flank warriors on the EoD left now join the reanimated behemoth in action against the knights Add caption

The archers eliminate the swarm
And the foot guard and pike eliminate the EoD Spear horde .. ouch

The knights attacking the EoD left are eliminated

The battle is lost, as the humans have few units left. their centre has been rolled up by the flanking Mummy and Reanimated Behemoth units. This was out first game with Kings of War v3.0. There are several rules mechanisms that we either got wrong, or which simple don't quite make sense... but we'll ask those more in the know, and see what we discover.

Pottering with a few more Ottoman figures

Finally, I've managed those extra Ottomans for the DBR army. They are 15mm figures, the arquebus are Minifigs (courtesy of friend Jim), ...