Friday, September 6, 2013

Great War Spearhead II

Finally, it's out: Great War Spearhead II. This second edition of the World War 1 rules has been a little while coming, but well worth the wait. I have been involve 'on the periphery, with a couple of OOBs, and some miscellaneous proofing etc but the vast bulk of the work in this new edition has been done bu Shawn Taylor and Robert Dunlop, and I can tell you they have made a fantastic job of it.

The new edition overcomes the biggest problem with the initial supplement.. well, the fact that it was a supplement to the original WW2 Spearhead rules. The WW1 supplement and the original WW2 rules have been amalgamated into one edition, with all of the  WW2 specific rules amended appropriately.

In addiotn the bebefits of eight plus years of game play woth the first edition have been incorproated into the rules to make them even better than they were originally.

The artillery rules are more coherent, and the 'mad minute' has been removed. The latter is a superb example of rules writing that is evidence based. Reviews of the evidence from BOTH sides of the conflict failed to support the contention often found in British histories that British musketry was significantly more effective on the battlefield than that of other nations.

If you enjoy the concpet of planning a battle, of wielding divisions and corps to solve problems in time and space, then this is the WW1 rules set for you.. and just in time for the 1914 centenary. This rules set is everything that I want in a WW1 rules set, as are the WW2 and Moderns versions to their respective periods, and the Spearhead rules stable offers me my second favourite rules sets.

My own resource and fan based web site 'The Great Adventure' has plenty of resources to support your games. Place your order for the new rules book here.

Well done Shawn and Robert, and ..... THANYOU!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Donald Featherstone RIP

It would be hard not to note the passing of Donald Featherstone, one of the fathers of modern wargaming.

Bon chance bon courage!!

Messing around with pre game bombardments in Great War Spearhead

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