Saturday, November 26, 2016

Another quick reno job

Another bit of renovation, a quick one this time.. some archers that were first painted in 1976 (whew, really?). These come from the old Airfix Robin Hood set, and were painted as levy archers/foot for the original Hun army. They will do for DBA with the Huns, HotT as shooters for the barbarians, and Kings of War as archers for the Kingdoms of Men (the same Barbarians or Huns/cavalry/knights.

The received a touch up on the original block painting, a wash, a few quick highlights and new scenic'ing of the bases, with static grass applied.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Austro-Hungarian HMGs

Painting output is pretty paltry at the moment, but I have finally managed a little more.. ten HMG bases for the 20mm WW1 Austro-Hungarian army.

The figures and guns come from the Irregular Miniatures range. The AH army has never been complete. These M]HMGs make the necessary numbers for all of the scenarios in Shawn Taylor's 'Summer Harvest' scenario book, featuring scenarios from the easter front 1914.

There's a bit of a shortage of Hat AH infantry in town at the moment, but Andy has come to the rescue and has a box for me. I'll pick this up over the weekend. This should allow the AH army to expand to a suitable scenario size.

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