Saturday, June 18, 2016

Arrrr Jim Lad ... there be poirates!!

Poirates mee laaad .. arrrrrr an' ahoy there yee scurvy dog.

Pirates, you say? Pirates I say. Another of those armies that began (over 5 years ago) when I saw a cheap small galleon which just begged to be used as an airboat. I've had a box of Orion Pirates sitting in the unpainted figure pile since not long after, waiting.

So, FINALLY!!! The army is underway. I decided that I'd take ore of a Hollywood bright colours approach than a realistic dark sombre approach, and here are the first elements.

The assemblage so far: airboat, magician, hero and two warbands

The war band: riotous scurvy pirate dogs.. arrrr

Hero base: Ling John Silver and pirate mate with treasure map

Magician base: sirens on rocks bespelling sailors and luring them to their doom

The airboat, based up and flying high over the waves.
More to come - watch this space.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

One of those 'And now for something completely different" moments

Having finished the available orc figures (I think this army will grow to BBHotT size at 3 commands though) I thought I'd have a dig through the TBC pile to see what took my fancy. Right at the top was a single box of Pegasus BA6 Russian armoured cars (two to the box), courtesy of Gerard's generosity last year.

The BA6s with Gerard's T60 light tanks.

... and some Cossack AT support

... and with some armoured cars I assembled last year, supposedly BA32s but they look the same to me, just a slightly larger scale (maybe 1/72?)

And finally with those S Models T26s.. 
Ahh... awash with early Soviet armour. Feels good, if only I could manage the time to game with them a little more often. Nick Grant.. where are you when I need you? Those 20mm Spearhead games aren't just going to happen, you know.

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