Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just in time for Christmas ...

If you are a World War 1 'gamer, then here is just the gift for you for Christmas.

This scenario book was written by Shawn Taylor and Robert Dunlop to support the recent publication of Great War Spearhead II and is the result of extensive research and quite considerable play testing. It includes 16 wargames scenarios for the Battles of the Frontiers in France in the opening months of World War 1.

Each scenario includes the obligatory historical background, along with OOBs that derived from the latest research and accurate terrain maps produced to the highest quality.

I was involved in some play testing with good friend Keith and I'd have to say that the scenarios offer a fair degree of challenge. The victory conditions of the scenarios have also been set up to not only reflect the historical situations implicit with each, but also to reward replay with a number of permutations of 'plan' available to each player (let alone the variability thrust upon us by Lady Luck').

The scenario book is available in print (either colour or b/w) and also in pdf form as an eBook. It can be purchased from Lulu.

This book is a must have for all owners of Great War Spearhead II.  Of course if you have another rules preference, the book will still be of huge value as a source of high quality maps and OOBs. It is thoroughly recommended.

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