Sunday, July 14, 2013

'A HotT Winter's day 2013'

Last weekend it was time for the 2013 'A HotT Winter's day" Hordes of the Things tournament. Various things meant we played with very much diminished numbers this year - four of us to be precise. Life is like that - it has a habit of getting in the way. However diminished numbers didn't mean diminished fun and enthusiasm, there were simply fewer people with whom to share the fun. So here's a brief account of my three games.

Game 1 and Major General Carruthers took the field against a remarkable worthy opponent in the form of Dr Who, and elements of 'The Church', commanded by Nick. Nick opted to field the Dr as a sneaker, a brave decision given the difficulty that seems to surround this troop type. My VSF army included several of my newly painted Riders (Mounted Infantry).

The Tardis, the Dr's Stronghold
 Nick deployed several shooters to counter my Behemoth (Steam Robot) and Riders as they advanced to threaten his flank.

My airboat swooped into the rear of his army.

'River Song', Nick's hero (I'm old fashioned, shouldn't this be 'Heroine'??) decided to neutralise the threat of the airboat and so guard his army's rear.

Meanwhile a tussle developed in the centre between Carruthers himself, and the Dr.

Nick's shooters on his flank drove off one unit of riders, and stood against the behemoth and the other unit.

Suddenly the behemoth was gone too.. ouch.

The airboat had previously broken off from  'River Song'. Carruthers decided to get stuck in, aided by the air boat.

The Dr 'sneaked' through and attacked Carruthers' artillery - we both forgot that the artillery would ignore any negative outcome against it.. since the Dr was a sneaker.

The Dr died (OMG I killed the Dr), and the game went to Carruthers.

Next game I took an Undead army with two magicians - a risky choice but one that paid off.

There were beasts (zombie dogs) ..

against Kevin's army of.. well, weird creatures. Very innovative use of 'stuff' that Kevin had found in 'one of those boxes'. Nice work, Kevin!!!

Things didn't go the way of the 'weird creatures', and the Undead took line honours.

My third game was against Gordon's Danish army.. loved the 'lego' stronghold.

Again I decided to field the Undead.

Gordon's behemoth (a dense spear block) took on the beasts supported by his magician.

In the centre my Blades (Grim Reapers) faced off against more spear, with the Undead magicians sending waves of coruscating (sorry, couldn't help myself.. had to fit the word in there somewhere) magic across the battlefield.

The beasts destroyed the behemoth ..

And everyone ended up lock  din combat in the centre.

But the Undead again took line honours ....

Slightly embarrassing I have to say when you win the tournament that you organise... oh well... damned fine games, really enjoyable day of HotT games.

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