Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'Dashed strange fellow that Doctor chappie'

"I said, dashed strange fellow that Doctor chappie. Odd ideas, all this newfangled science stuff. Wasn't like that in my day. Nothing like a bit of cold steel and a good British scream to scare the beejeezus out of anyone with the gall to stand up to Her majesty's finest, damn it all. Now drink up Winstanley dear boy. Another gin is it?".

These were Caruthers' reflections on the newest arrival to join his task force, Doctor Gerald Morgenstein. Morgenstein has quickly been dubbed the mad scientist in the light of his predilection for weird oddball machines.

The doctor is seen here with his latest maniacal contraption. Interestingly he is accompanied everywhere by a ferocious native woman who will talk to no-one, and who allows no-one to get closer than a few yards to the doctor.

The ferocious native woman stands ready to thrust a tool into the workings of the machine.

The doctor himself with his latest contraption

Some of the weird internal workings of the machine.
The Doctor is the latest addition to the HotT VSF army as it expands to a triple sized army for Big Battle HotT. Nearly there!!

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