Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Inspirational 'greeblies'

Last year one of the boys in my Saturday morning 'gaming group completed an army made from modelling clay. I called it a 'greeblie' army. Little did I suspect that he had inspired another young man to do likewise. Last week this other chap produced the army (unannounced) and proceeded to play a game against the earlier group of greeblies. Here are a few shots of their game in progress.

Shooter and behemoth

Spear (in orange) vs behemoth

Sadly I leave College at the end of this term. On the list of plans for these boys this year had been some sessions with one of our technology teachers from which I was going to have them 3D print their own creations.

Oh well ... maybe someone else will do that. They've got the imagination for it. They just need a little enablement.

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