Saturday, March 26, 2011

6mm Goodness!!!

Had a great evening playing some Volley and Bayonet with Keith, Jon and Alastair last night. We were using Keith's Prussians against Jon's French, in a game set in 1813, using 6mm figures (mostly Ros Heroics). The game was played in half scale.

The game ended up with a French victory. Here are just a few random photos from the game, showing off the armies and Keith's great terrain.

French cavalry launched an early attack against Prussian cavalry that had been merrily contemplating an attack on the French right.. ouch.. Prussian cavalry division exhausted in pretty quick time!!

Pruissian infantry pushed across the stream early in the game contemplating an attack of their own. They were pretty soon on the defensive.

Keith had swung around onto the French left which was wide open in the early stages of the game. However by the time they got there the French had reinforced and secured their left.

Here is Keith's AAR of the battle.

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