Saturday, August 28, 2021

Kerttenkrad additions to German recon

So, I sat down to start painting some 15mm arquebus armed Janissaries for the Ottoman DBR army. Then this happened ....

These 6mm German WW2 Kettenkrad have been sitting in a tray on the painting table over several shifts of home (we are not compulsive house shifters, we had several shifts as a result of the Ōtautahi Christchurch 2011 earthquakes). They leapt at me... nah, honest they did.. leapt at me they did.. and the rest as they say is history.

The WW2 Spearhead OOBs allow the recon battalion in the Motorised, Pz Grenadier, and Panzer Divisions,  to include 3x motorcycle or Kettenkrad stands in the divisional asset recon battalion. Why not. I have yet to field a recon battalion on the table, but for a lesson in how to use one, you would be hard pressed to go past Keith's command in this game 'A master class in mobility'.

Monday, August 23, 2021

WW1 Aircraft for Great War Spearhead

These four little beauties were a part of the second hand 'batch' I bought many years ago - 6mm WW1 aircraft. These came already painted, so all I had to do was base them. In Great War Spearhead I am unlikely to need more than one on the table in any one game. However what a great aesthetic to have them on the table, in much the same vein as  my earlier terrain vignettes. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

More WW1 terrain vignettes

After something of a hiatus on the painting front, a full lockdown here in Aotearoa has meant that I've had a little time in between work related online meets etc to do some painting. The current project covers opposing forces for Great War Spearhead 1918, specifically British and German Corps. I use Irregular  6mm Miniatures, and these were figures I bought from Rhys quite a few years ago for just this project. 

I've now completed the painting of the figures I have available (not sufficient for the full projet) and decided to paint up some very cool extras, all to be used as aesthetic add-ons for the table top, small scenery vignettes. There will be another order sent off to Ian Kay at Irregular in the near future (these guys provide wonderful service).

A 'downed' aircraft, a German AA gun on a lorry, and a delightful British lorry with guide sitting atop the vehicle

The crashed aircraft

The British lorry

Stretcher bearers, German POWs, directed by British officer

Bullock teams

Pack horses

Gun teams. I seem to have something of an over abundance of these.. these are (as with the rest) purely terrain vignettes

The German Corps so far.. a lot more work to do

That's all progress. Plenty more to do, but the project now pauses while I plan another order... brought to you from the 'you can never have too many figures', and the 'ooo, there's another wargames project' philosophies.

Kia kaha, and stay safe !!!

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