Friday, February 8, 2019

OMG ... another new army????? Blimey!!!

These guys have sat in a box, painted, since the mid 90s - French for the 1940 campaign. I seem to have once more lost the old 'painting mojo', and I've found that the best cure is a 'quick win'. So, time to base these guys as the core for a new WW2 Spearhead army. I have also been motivated by our recent France 1940 Spearhead games.. both thoroughly enjoyable and challenging.

Sadly the Heroics and Ros web store is currently closed, so I can't yet order the additional figures and vehicles I need to finish the army.

Patience, Robin. Patience.

These are all from the Heroics 6mm range.

The first battalion of infamtry

Char B1s 
Somua S35s

The obligatory FT17s. they are so small I decided to indulge myself with 2 vehicles per base

And some of the famous 'soixante quinze' .. I think some of them will inevitably appear on the table as on table artillery
Onwards and upwards .. 'cos I just love Spearhead.. WW1, WW2, and Moderns... bring 'em on

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