Friday, November 13, 2009

Hankerings for WW2 Spearhead again...

With life returning to something more balanced than it has been for a while, my Modern Spearhead game last week has resuscitated my long time interest in WW2 as well, and more specifically WW2 Spearhead games. I've started to tinker with lists for Keith McNelly's Scenario Generation System, and of course I just had to get out some of the toys.. nothing quite like the tactile experience..... when the stands came out, I just had to grab the camera as well. Here are a few photos from the late war British list, based around a tank battalion equipped with Cromwells, and a mechanised infantry battalion.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

HotT tournament at Carnage..

HotT Carnage is back..a heap of HotT games on a festival style day of fantasy wargaming as we sit next to our WHF colleagues fighting for or against the powers of darkness. So drag out your dragons, stir up your cauldrons, and sacrifice to your Gods in vain hope.. because you are going to need it as you enter the dark realms.

Here are the details for anyone who might be interested, and who hasn't seen the details on any of the lists I inhabit.

Woolston Wargames Club is pleased to bring you HOTT Carnage 2009. The ethos is fun and although it is a tournament games are played within the spirit of the rules and the competitive edge is rounded off ensuring every one enjoys themselves.

Venue: Date: 6 December 2009
Woolston Working Mens' Club Entrance Fee: $10.00

The version used will be Hordes of the Things 2.0 (April 2002) with the exception that the new ‘standard’ movement rates for Shooters and Warbands will apply; 200 paces and 300 paces respectively in good or bad going.

Will be 20/25/28mm (60mm frontage). Each entrant should bring an army, although several loan armies will be available on request.

Armies will be composed of 24 army points. Players are not limited to army lists printed in the rules book, but armies must obey the element composition rules. Playing surfaces with pre-set terrain will be provided, but players are expected to bring Strongholds for their armies. Each player retains the same army and army composition throughout the tournament.

A pre-set draw will be provided, with players playing five games during the day. The unpire will lso be playing in the tournament.

• 3 points for a win
• 1 point for a draw
• 0 points for a loss
Tally opponent’s lost/destroyed AP (as defined in the rulebook) and record this along with each player’s game score game scores for use in the event of a tie-break.

Normally draws shouldn't happen, but there is a time limit of one hour per game. If at the end of the hour a game is not finished, the umpire will, at the end of the current turn, declare the game a raw. All army points killed should still be recorded and submitted to the umpire on the results sheet in the case of a tie for overall tournament winner.

Send entrance fee and planned army lists by 1 December (including army name, race, make-up) to:
Robin Sutton
27 Horton Place
Christchurch 8061
E-mail: ; Phone 981 8361 ; Mobile 027 258 8905

8.30 Doors open/Registration
9.15 Round 1
10.15 Round 2
11.15 Break
11.30 Round 3
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Round 4
14.30 Round 5
15.30 Break
16.00 Presentations to winners


1. Games will be played on a 3'x3' playing area.
2. Attacker defender will be determined in the usual way. Terrain set-up is defined on page 13 of the rule-book, conforming with the terrain rules as printed on pages 11 and 12 of the rule book. Players will provide their own terrain.
3. The attacker then uses the rules as written to determine the attacker/defender baselines.
4. Game set up and play then proceeds as outlined in the rules book.

Tournament Etiquette

1. The defender will define troop types prior to the attacker setting up. The attacker will define troop types once set up is complete.
2. It is good manners not to take back a move once an element has been moved. If doubt arises about where an element was before it was moved, and the umpire is called, a die roll will be used to settle the disagreement.
3. Pre-measuring is allowed.
4. In the words of the organizers of the 2008 TAGCon DBA tournament: "We are confident that all (HotT) players will be polite and play for the sheer enjoyment of killing, burning and pillaging rather than pin-pricking." You are the commander of a fantasy army intent on world domination!!!! Get in their and fight for it!!!!

The tournament winner will receive the HotT 'Emperor Dragon' Trophy, and a small prize pack.

Prizes will also be awarded for best-presented army, and most memorable game incident, both determined by player nomination.

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