Sunday, July 9, 2017

A little Firefight ...

A week earlier Adrian and I played another Firefight game (the Mantic sci fi rules system). We played  a small 1000 point game with my GCPS (GW Imperial Guard figures) versus Adrian's Asterians (GW Eldar figures). At 1000 points the game is almost too small to create the best feel with the activation system we felt, but the purpose was to build familiarity with the system.

Again, not full AAR, just some photos that give a little of the look and feel of the game. We'll be persisting with the rules, and looking soon at the warpath version.

Franco Prussian bash amongst the woods

Had a couple of games with Adrian over the last two weeks.. in  amongst a work life so hectic you could.. yes, well... you get the idea.

Thi week Adrian dragged out his 15mm Franco Prussian armies and we battled across the north east of France in a fictional bash up. We'd forgotten some of those delightful rules tweaks that are so effective at giving Volley and Bayonet its sub period flavour, but nonetheless we had a great game. No AAR, just some photos of Adrian's beautiful figures. The terrain for this game was all his too.

DBA and the 100 Years War

The past weeks haven't been entirely game free... last Thursday Keith and I played a couple of DBA games with my French Ordonnance vs hi...