Friday, February 23, 2024

Orcs and Pirates..

Introducing good friend Jon to some HotT (Hordes of the Things) goodness. He enjoyed the opportunity to play something less serious than usu, something light hearted, something with built in laughs. In this case he took my Orcs vs while I played my Pirates (both in 20mm). 

These are just some random shots of the second game we played.. a lot of fun.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Arab troops for the Middle East World War 1

I've returned to the Middle East 1914-1918 WW1 project, this week with the start of the Arab troops. Here are 9 bases of Arab infantry, all Irregular figures. These could serve with either British or Turkish forces, and of course for the Arab Revolt, which I often felt ought to be called the Wars for Arab Independence. I haven't yet created labels for them.. oh well, soon..

Friday, February 9, 2024

Somewhere in the Peninsular .. maybe.. 1809 .. maybe

Spain, maybe... 1809, maybe... and a semi historical game using my 25mm armies, and the Volley and Bayonet rules. I say maybe, because the forces used included O(for example) British heavy cavalry which were not a feature of Wellington's Peninsular army. But this is only a semi historical game, with a small Spanish force held up in a fortified town complete with star fort, a besieging French force, and a British column on the way to relieve the seige.

The Spanish began the game occupying the town and fort (Jon's 15mm terrain, and a beautiful piece, too). Their troops were stationary. They were besieged by French troops occupying hasty works. The British relief forces were due to arrive turn three.. The French had 8 game turns in which to eject the Spanish and occupy the town and fort.

On the first turn Jon's French (including brigades of converged grenadiers M6 shock troops) assaulted the fort.

The Turn 1 French assault on the Spanish.. soundly defeated

The first assault was defeated, the net result was an entire French division going into morale collapse.

A close up of the first assault, which included a charge by a brigade of French Chasseurs, top right

The Spanish had occupied an outlying village on the left with a single regiment. The aim was to draw French troops away form the main works, buying time for the relief column to arrive. The French however eject the Spanish in turn 2.

Two successive assaults by the French on the right flank of the fort see the right flank defending Spanish division exhausted, with a single defending regiment remaining

The British relief column arrives, the cavalry taking the left to pin a force of French cavalry.

French forces fighting their way into the fort on the right

The relief column assaults the French forces holding the outlying village on the Spanish left

French infantry are now swarming into the fort.. the end is near for the few remaining Spanish defenders

French cavalry pinning the British cavalry

The aforementioned British cavalry ..

The final French assault on the last of the defenders, the second of the two artillery batteries

One of the two Spanish defending batteries in the fort remains... but not for long

The relief column has ejected the French from the outlying village

British artillery advancing with the relief column

Rule Britannia ...

French infantry are now completely in control of the fort and town

This is turn 6, and it is clear that the British relief column has failed to relieve the Spanish force which has been completely eliminated. In addition, with only two game turns left there is no chance that the British can retake the fort.

The game was fascinating. When Jon suffered one division exhausted in his first turn assault things didn't look hopeful for the French. However as we learn repeatedly with Volley and Bayonet, 'it ain't over 'til it's over'... 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

An 'aircraft carrier' for HotT.. one final naval element

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Well maybe. There was a craze went around the 'modelling' web a year of two ago for building space ships from clothes pegs... it eventually went quiet, but not before folk had demonstrated some wonderful creativity.

Having created three 'naval' elements for my HotT armies, I had the bug, but realised this was not something that could go on forever. However I wanted to create just one more.. a matter of indulging the creativity, and the old fashioned model building, rather than any necessary desire to create elements for the games, simply because I had enjoyed the process and the challenges so much. After all we have not yet trialled the 'naval' rules, so have no guarantee that this will actually work.

That said, as friend Jon and I have discussed, this is a hobby of multiple dimensions, one is the gaming, and another is the modelling. So .. given that in our 'mind's eyes' these naval elements are likened to airboats, it did seem reasonable that one of the elements should be some sort of 'VSF aircraft carrier'. Aren't airboats about projecting airpower? This is it.

The core of the ship based on a couple of shapes carved from core board.

The core is 'clad' in light card. I wanted some sort of pseudo- carrier/dreadnought (a bit of a cliche, I guess), so it needed gun turrets down each side

A flight deck is added

A bit of a superstructure, and three funnels

Based, and the water texturing added to the base

Basic painting, some flight deck markings, and a base deep green applied to the 'water'

Lighter blue water and white foam added around the ship

I wanted some sort of 'flyer' on the flight deck, and it took four failed attempts before this came out .. a sort of gyrocopter.. far from perfect, but at arms length it looks okay, just don't peer too closely

The finished product

The final products, from left to right an orc ship, two VSF ships, and a VSF submarine

This has been one of those projects that hasn't necessarily been 'gaming focussed, but a lot of fun. The project engaged some good old fashioned imagination, and model making skills, using spares, scraps, and recycled materials.. the sort of thing I love most. I am pleased with the final products, and am looking forward to seeing some of these on the table. Now I just hope we can generate some 'naval' rules that work. Watch this space.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Orc ships .... ahoy!!

This interest in modelling possible naval elements for the HotT  (Hordes of the Things) armies isn't abating (even though we haven't yet tested the possible 'naval rule add-ons' we've come up with). I had thought for a while about the next element, and decided that something that might suit the Orc army would be a good idea. I must confess to having something of the stereotypical mental image with random bolted steel plates, crooked engineering, big guns, and of course red, all the result of exposure to the concepts of a large miniatures company which shall remain nameless.

Anyway, here it is.... step by step.

The hull template, cut to ensure that there is somerthing approaching symmetry between the two sides of the hull

The basic hull was cut from foam board

I then proceeded to 'clad' the core with light card shapes to give the essential structure

A 'raked' masts,. the end of a kebab stick

Ladders from the spares box, and guns from a Churchill petard mortar, and the clicker end of a very old Bc biro

Based on heavy card, using 'No More Gaps' to contour the waves

At this stage I felt that the model still lacked something, so proceeded to give it a couple of crooked funnels, and a little deck 'furniture'. just to pad it out a little. See the final photos for details.

Below are photos of the finished product, an Orc ship suitable for bashing and shooting.. as all good Orcs will know. The triangular sail was part of the remains of a small model of the Cutty Sark, most of which has disappeared in the mists of time, but some of which was still to be found in the bottom of my 50 year old 'spares box'.. and as any modeller knows, the spares boxes of old modellers are a veritable treasure trove.

I guess we really are going to have to try out the 'naval' rules (which as mentioned previously have been largely based on Phil Barker's DBR rules). If we think they work (and at this stage I can't see why the won't), then will publish them for anyone to use.

Orcs and Pirates..

Introducing good friend Jon to some HotT (Hordes of the Things) goodness. He enjoyed the opportunity to play something less serious than usu...