Friday, November 18, 2022

A new scourge that has to be defeated

 A scourge had descended upon the battlefields of the future. A scourge had taken hold, a scourge crept and crawled and scuttled, a scourge that had to be defeated. And the troops of the Imperial German Kaiser had stepped up, intent on showing that they were up to the task.

The first HotT game in a while, and Andy's Weird World War Germans were attacking my spider hordes.

My horde army consisted of:
1 x hero general
1 x behemoth
1 x spider God
10 x spider horders
2 x spider lurkers

Andy's Germans were:
1 x hero general
1 x behemoth
1 x airboat
3 x undead hordes
3 x shooters
3 x blades
(oops.. 2 points too many)

The Germans advance against the spiders, but a 6 on their second turn means the spider God arrives

On the other flank, hero general and behemoth go against hero general and behemoth

The German airboat swoops behind the spider line

Argy bargy along the line

Spider behemoth

The spider hero general attacks the airboat.. early success!

Two spider hordes come back....

The airboat is destroyed

Along the line

The God is engaged against a blade

All very untidy, and another horde returns

German hero vs spider behemoth

The horde line is being forced back by a combination of fire and combat. At about this stage the spiders roll a 1 for PIPs and the God disappears.. 
. A
The hordes clearly seen backs against the wall, multiple hordes brought back and still in contact with their stronghold

The spider hero and behemoth are also being pushed back

Serious holes in the horde line

The hordes push forward to try to get clear of their stronghold

Horde casualties seen off the 'table' waiting to come back on

A German horde is brought back on, and as it passes through some bad going it is attacked by a spider lurker.. the spider loses an flees from the battlefield

The lines lock in combat again, the spiders are sitting 11 AP casualties

One last casualty and the spiders are defeated, the world is cleansed of the scourge

What a cool game.,. not too demanding after a very hectic work week.. lots of kĊrero, a beer, and the chance to push figures... a good Friday night

Friday, October 7, 2022

Martian invasion halted

 The first canisters had arrived two weeks ago. Wells had recorded their arrival, and those first battles on Horsell Common. The small scattering of British army forces had delayed the Martian invaders long enough for Carruthers to gather together a force strong enough to stand against the invaders. Small groups of men had stood, knowing that theirs was a suicide mission, their task to do and die, their task to delay the invaders, to give their lives in the service of their Queen and their nation. Today was that day when mankind would stand. Today the future of mankind would be decided.

This was a 48 point HotT game pitching Andy's expanding Martian army against  my British VSF army.

The armies face off, Martians on the left, British on the right

Martian shooters, flyers, human mercenary shooters, and tripod behemoth (from the Ares 'Tripods and Triplanes' game)

Lancers (knights), and members of the local Yeomanry cavalry (riders)

Lord Chelting of Cheam, the local aerial hero, supported by an airboat

Lieutenant Winstanly, the dashing young hero chappie, supported by a steam robot (behemoth) with Dr Morgenstein that amazing wizardly scientific chappie (magician).

Shooters take up position in the built up area (a scientific establishment)

Chelting and supporting airboat overfly the battle lines and attack the Martian flyers in the rear of the Martian line

Morgenstein ensorcels the enemy hero general, and the artillery eliminate a stand of Martian shooters, leaving the centre looking bare

In frantic aerial combat Chelting sends one Martian saucer spinning to the ground

The British mounted regiment struggles, one unit of Yeomanry eliminated as they battle to hold the left flank

The Martian hero general desorcels and reappears in contact with the destroyed village that is the British stronghold

Meanwhile the second of the Martian saucers is eliminated

The cavalry are still struggling, but hold the flank

The Martian hero is repulsed from the stronghold

The cavalry delaying action

Chelting turns his aerial force around and attacks Martian shooters, but the airboat is repelled

Caruthers advances against the Martian centre

The Martian centre under pressure

Martian shooters continue to drive the airboat back

The Lancers are eliminated.. that last rider unit looks lonely

Chelting charges into the rear of the Martian centre

The Martian centre crumbling under the combined pressure

The Martian hero turns and attacks Dr Morgenstein

Morgenstein is down... 

Caruthers marshalls his forces, including Winstanley, to tackle the Martian hero. At this stage the Martian left flank is demoralised

The Martian right beginning to advance on the British. In Andy's defence his right flank had been starved of PIPs for most of the game so far, consistently throwing 1s and 2s

Caruthers leading from the front, attacks the Martian hero general, with his steam robot behemoth, and WInstanley (hero), in support

Chelting keeps up the pressure

The last unit of Yeomanry falling back before the Martian advance

The Martian Hero General is eliminated

At this stage the Martian army has lost over 50% of its overall strength. Whew, what a battle, and a great evening of 'gaming. In fairness to Andy, he was starved of PIPs for much of the game, especially on his right flank, throwing far more than his fair share of 1s and 2s. The ability to win the aerial combat and to then be able to unleash the aerial hero on the rear of the Martian army was crucial. I'm not convinced players should rely on such a strategy though. In the past my attempts to do this have failed when I have been the player starved of movement PIPs.

The Martian invasion had been halted!!!

A new scourge that has to be defeated

 A scourge had descended upon the battlefields of the future. A scourge had taken hold, a scourge crept and crawled and scuttled, a scourge ...