Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A temporary halt to proceedings ...

I've tried to put this off for as long as practicable, but I guess it's finally time.  We are fast heading towards demolition date for our house, garage and games room, and everything needs to be packed up ready for a shift to temporary accommodation.

The demolition, and subsequent rebuild, are the final chapter in our personal Christchurch earthquake story, as all of our buildings were deemed by our insurers to be uneconomic to repair.
On the one hand you can tell us that we have something to look forward to in a new house, garage/workshop, and ames room, and I guess that's true.

On the other hand however that would underestimate the stresses of dealing with a bureaucracy that has proved to be both heartless and inefficient. The net result has been stress levels that have perhaps gone beyond anyone's normal expectations. We haven't even been amongst the worst affected which provides sobering food for thought when looking at some of those others worse affected than us.

So the Sutton war games room is closing down for a while. I expect to be able to continue painting etc in our temporary accommodation, but 'gaming may be slightly more problematic. In the meantime blogging may take on a slightly different focus, with fewer AARs and slightly more of .. well ... other stuff.

We'll see. In the meantime, let the packing begin .

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