Saturday, June 1, 2013

M10 Achilles provide AT support to the Cromwells

It has taken a wee while because work has been pretty frenetic, but these two British Achilles were another of the recent purchases from Stan, providing the British armoured regiment Cromwells with their AT support. The kits are simple to assemble, although I can't help thinking that the turrets are a little stark and in need of some accoutrements: cam nets, bed rolls etc.

Not to be outdone, here are a couple of the 6mm equivalents..

Cromwells again..

Yep, the Cromwell is one of my fav. WW2 Allied tanks. Having showcased the newest 20mm additions last week, here are the same in 6mm. These are not new additions but I thought I'd pop these photos up just to maintain some balance. My original Spearhead 'gaming was in 6mm. and it's still my preference, so these vehicles (and the rest of their armoured regiment) will get more action in the future).

I'm not getting a lot of 'gaming in at the moment, and will get even less later this year when our house is demolished and rebuilt. The good news is that the 'games room is to be demolished (good?? I hear you say??... well yes, because at this stage we expect it to be rebuilt).

So, back to the Cromwells. The darker green vehicles are Ros Heroics. Not sure about the middle one.. I bought it second hand a long time ago.

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