Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woolston DBA Challenge ... 1

The Iberian Spanish had their second major outing today in the Woolston DBA Challenge. Their record wasn't too flash, but I knew they would be difficult to use. They managed 3 losses, 1 draw and 1 win (which was probably a flattering set of results considering how I played them).

The only win of the day was against an Alexandrian Macedonian army, beautifully painted by Dave, using FreiKorps figures, Dave was a little unlucky I have to say, as I managed to get my Light Horse stand across to his Camp and beat the camp in contact (not that likely if you know the factors), and then destroy one of his Psiloi,

These last shots show the victorious LH stand in the Macedonian Camp.

It was a great day of 'gaming against 5 fantastic opponents. More action shots/after action reports to come soon...


  1. Today Nick.. thought you were going to enter.. there were (I think) some 15mm loan armies available, Book 2..LOL

    Time we had some more 20mm games too...

  2. Yes, there were Bk II loan armies available.


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