Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dwarves halt another evil incursion

"Bones be damned, curse the bloody dogs. No, let the dogs loose for a bloody good feed bwahahahahahahahaha" and Thorgrim roared with laughter at his own unintended joke. Another unholy alliance sat on the borders of the Dwarven lands, an alliance of orcs and Undead. Would they stop at nothing in their attempts to steal the very land from beneath Dwarven feet?

Kings of War, and Nick combined his currently painted Undead with some of his Orc and Goblin units to create a 1750 point army. My Dwarves, this time using an Ironclad Horde, took to the field in opposition.

The battlefield after deployment, Dwarves on the left, evil guys on the right

Undead horse archers, and revenant cavalry

Goblin cavalry

Orc horde

Did someone say 'I want my mummy?'

Believe it or not, a Dwarven steam tank.. I don't have the real McCoy, so this Gyrocopter proxy's for the steam tank. Hey - I love the model.

Ironclad horde unit

Some artillery .. as you do!!

The Dwarven right flank advances - Ironguard, Shieldbreakers, and steam tank

The centre advances a little... let's not be too rash here

The undead and goblin cavalry sweeps wide, so the Dwarven Berserkers on Brocks (actually goblins on spiders, but who's counting?) pull back to limit the possibility of multiple attack by restricting the enemy room to manoeuvre

The steam tank hits the Mummies .. a double 6 on the nerve test and the Mummies crumble to dust...

The Ironguard and Shieldbreakers attack an orc horde, and bounce back

The organ gun comes under magical attack from an orc wizard, while the Brockriders take fire from the Undead horse archers

The combat on the right continues

And a very large ugly dude in a chariot (Gore rider) rushes over to stop the steam tank delivering it's juicy steamy goodness to more orcs

The orc horde has taken a lot of fire from Ironwatch troops and organ gun

And fails it's nerve test ... wow, that seemed far too easy

The orc horde facing the Dwarf right attacks the Shieldbreakers (Nick knew these guys were weaker on defence)

While Undead spearmen finally make it into contact with the Dwarf horde

The Shieldbreakers fail their nerve test and are gone too, while the Ironguard take it in the flank from some More Ax... oooo darn, this may not end well

Nope, certainly didn't end well for the Ironguard

The Orc Wizard takes fire from the Dwarf cannon.. the only hit the cannon scored all game... there were no pieces left to pick up

A unit of Ironwatch attack the More Ax in the rear, and the Dwarf Army Standard Bearer attacks them in the flank. Guess what the outcome was?

The Gorerider continues to battle it out with the steam tank

The hordes in the centre still go at it toe to toe, and this time a troop of Ironwatch hit the skeleton spear in the flank - still wasn't enough

The Brockriders are hit by the revenant cavalry - but bounce off

The steam tank is destroyed by the Gorerider

The More Ax are destroyed by the Ironclad attack in their rear

The hordes are still at it

Oops ... where did the steam tank go? Failed it's nerve test, it did!!!

Things are not looking good for the Ironwatch troop on the hill.. that's a very large and nasty looking orc horde coming up the hill

The Dwarf King is supporting the Brockriders, and takes a casualty from fire from the skeleton archers

The orc horde attacking the Dwarf right bounces off the Ironwatch (surviving by the skin  of their teeth) and are then hit in the flank by the Ironclad... 

And the orcs are gone .. a very bloody round of combat

Still grinding it out in the centre

The Brockriders hit the Revenant cavalry

and destroy them

Now the Gore rider is pretty annoyed with those Ironwatch on the hill...

Hordes STILL toe to toe, and Goblin cavalry hit the Ironwatch in the rear, while some other dude hits them in their flank

The King and the horse archers have been having a bit of a go too

Still at it

Those Ironwatch on the hill? Nope, they buggered off... 

And the Ironwatch in the forest didn't like being hit flank and rear either
So ended the game. It was a 'Kill and pillage' game. Toting up the points, we each had two objectives, and the difference in points lost was less than 10% of the army totals, so a draw. We had ground ourselves to a standstill.

As always, Kings of War gives a good game, lots of action, the balance swinging backwards and forwards as the moves unfold. And regardless of the result, it's always good to get these miniatures out on the table.


  1. It was a great game Robin!

    (Upon further reflection, I think we should have counted those objective markers to my rear as mine as well!)

  2. Wonderful and epic looking game, beautiful armies...and this Dwarven steam tank is really impressive!


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