Sunday, March 24, 2024

A water lurker for HotT

I felt like doing something a little more creative, in the midst of a lot of 6mm WW1 painting. For some years I've had a crocodile 'figure' in one of those boxes that we all accumulate, and thought .. ah yes, a water lurker for the Pirates (or the 'Lost Worlds' army). The problem was that the figure was too large for the base size, so I  opted to cut it in half and pose it as if lunging out of the water. It's mouth isn't suitably opened, but all the same I thought this is a reasonable posing of the figure, and it fits on the correct base size.

Hopefully you can spot the 'joke' on the base too, although arguably that's not what you ought to see on the base of an element in a pirate army, rather on the base of an element fighting against a pirate army.

Water lurkers may well be a troop type that is 'broken' (as are 'sneakers').  Alan Saunders (veteran HotT player and guru) suggested these changes for lurkers, in a post back in 2012.

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  1. Sneakers *might* be broken (and I have a fairly simple fix for them too). Water Lurkers are certainly broken, as that blog post explains :)


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