Saturday, April 30, 2022

A few photos of the start of a GWSH Trench assault game

Jon and I have been coming to grips with the trench warfare variations of Great War Spearhead. Just a few random photos of the preliminary bombardment phase of our trial.. There were to be 3 allied divisions attacking a German division, but several things we got wrong meant that the preliminary bombardment was so devastating, that there was no post bombardment play. We;'ll et that right next time. Our queries are also building a pool of clarifications for Shawn as he works on GWSH 3. 

Anyway, just a few photos of what we did do, using Jon's 10mm armies. The trench sections are my Timecast ones, the rivers and roads are Jon's Timecast scenery. The bared wire sections were scratch built by Jon.. awesome stuff!!


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