Friday, September 8, 2023

War of the Triple Alliance

 I continue to rate the Volley and Bayonet rules as my all time fave wargames rules set. Amongst the reasons I hold that view is the fact that small subtle 'tweaks' to mechanisms completely change the flavour of the game, enabling the rules wet to very nicely reflect changes in warfare across it;'s 200 year time period 1700-1900.

The rules set itself covers the sub-periods of Marlburian, Seven Years War, Napoleonic, American Civil War, and Franco Prussian War.

However amongst my 'gaming colleague is the ability to make additional small changes that allow the 'gaming of other sub-periods or theatres of war. Jon's latest is the Wars of the Triple Alliance in South America. We played a small fictional scenario this week. This nis not an AAR, but rather a selection of photos form the game, showing off Jon's painting.

Jon's armies are modelled in 15mm, from a range of manufacturers.

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