Thursday, June 20, 2024

Semi Historical Chinese HotT army complete

Here is the completed army (well, there's still the stronghold to construct, but I'm 'notoriously bad' at getting those built in a timely manner). The army has been painted to play standard 24 point HotT games, with a few options.

The full host of available elements is:

2 x Dragons
1 x Hero (in chariot)
2 x knights (chariots)
1 x Paladin
1 x Horde
3 x Blade
2 x Spear
2 x Shooters
The full selection

The two Dragons

Hero, with Knights in the background


Blade and Spear

Paladin, and Horde

I originally conceived the army as one with two dragons (because I had two dragons, and none of my other HotT armies has that option). I try to make each HotT army with a different composition (sometimes the differences are subtle). However two dragons will be a hard option to win with, especially if you never throw a 6 on your PIP dice. So I figured that a good solid Blade and Spear core to the army would help its survivability. The other options mean that the army can also be played with only one dragon.

We'll see how this one plays.


  1. Nice army - I am liking the dragons - as you state, a brave move to field a pair of them. Like you I tend to have lots of ideas about Strongholds and then forget to complete them or leave them until the last minute. Maybe a section of the Great Wall of China as a piece of Impassable terrain, might be a nice idea.

  2. Nice work! Everything is better with Chariots. The Chinese give some nicely balanced armies historically. We had great fun with a Chinese DBA campaign

    Regards, Chris

  3. Oh I love it! I guess you converted Assyrian chariots to build the Ch'in ones ? I will steal this idea for sure :)

    1. Yep, the Assyrian chariots.. which were an utter *** to assemble...


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