Thursday, June 27, 2024

Two new HotT Strongholds

Having finsihed painting troops for the semi historical Chinese army for HotT (Hordes of the Things), I spent a number of days wondering what next (as is my perpetual habit). You know what it's like? What will I paint next from the seemingly endless pile of unpainted plastic and lead? What captures my imagination?  ... etc etc ... It's hard to paint stuff that isn't capturing your imagination at the time.

I was aware I had two HotT fantasy armies awaiting strogholds: the mythical Roman, and the Chinese (actually it's probably more, but I daren't look). I think that my decision to create these may have been avoidance behaviour, putting off the decision about what troops to paint next. Anyway .. here they are. These are both for 20mm armies.

The Semi-historical Chinese army stronghold

The Stronghold is based on the Terracoota excavation.. here is the real thing

A couple of 'during construction' photos:

Living testimony to the old 'never throw anything out' mantra; the horses come ftom the remains of a 50
 year old box of Airfix 20mm Romans.. those chariot horses.

The mythical Roman stronghold.. let the games begin

And again a couple of shots during construction:


  1. Waow, excellent idea on both (DBA?) camps! The chinese C'hin stronghold is my favourite, almost a copy of the actual archeological site! Well done, congratulations :)

  2. Thanks. These are for Hordes of the Things (HotT), the fantasy equivalent of DBA


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